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Therapeutic Exercise At Balance Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise is essentially a very direct, very concise, very prescribed dosage of a particular exercise or group of exercises aimed at accomplishing a very specific goal. After a thorough patient evaluation, including a review of a patient’s medical history, any films that may be on file such as x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, arthrograms, etc., a complete and thorough subjective history history taking with the patient in the clinic and a biomechanical examination of the patient’s body, we will devise a carefully prescribed therapeutic exercise regimen to address that patient’s impairments.

At Balance Physical Therapy, there are 3 pillars of excellence: Manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and patient education.

The ultimate goal of the therapeutic exercise program depends on why the patient is seeing us for physical therapy. Are they somebody who has a little pain on the inside of their elbow from hitting too many tennis balls? Or are they somebody who just had major reconstructive lower spine surgery? Those are two very different patients. They both require a very specific dosage of particular sets of exercises. In the case of spinal reconstruction, not to exceed certain dosages because we don’t want to injure them after such a major procedure.


A lot of folks out there are seeing trainers and so-called experts. They are downloading information from the internet and trying various exercises to address their conditions which they think they understand. While we commend those folks for doing everything they can to help themselves, what we would really appreciate is an opportunity to educate them because most often a very small amount of exercise applied in just the right way can be much more effective at getting over things like pain, things like stiffness, and things like chronic discomfort.

Shotgun Approach Vs. Concision

A whole bunch of exercises that we sort of refer to as a “shotgun” approach. This is when people throw everything but the kitchen sink at a particular condition. The condition could be pain on the inside of their knee, for example, and they end up exacerbating the problem rather than fixing it. By the time they get to us, they’re actually a lot worse off than they would have been if they had just come in a little sooner.


Therapeutic exercise from a physical therapist’s perspective, doesn’t necessarily need to try to turn somebody into the Incredible Hulk. No. Perhaps the goal for an 86-year-old female with osteoporosis is being able to stand up from a chair without assistance. It might mean very specific, high-level sport-specific conditioning for an elite athlete so that they can increase their vertical jump by 6 or 7 inches. Therapeutic exercise can only be applied, and should only be applied after a very thorough subjective history taking, objective examination, and setting specific goals together with the patient.


That’s what we view therapeutic exercise as here at Balance Physical Therapy and Human Performance Center.

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