Hip Pain And Buttock Pain

Hip Pain

Hip and buttock pain is one of the most common diagnoses that we treat here at Balance Physical Therapy. Your hip does not function in isolation as a human being. We are bipedal organisms. That means we walk on two feet.

What is the hip?

The hip is a very large, very stable joint located at the center of our bodies. As such, when you come in for hip pain, we are going to do a thorough lumbar spine examination, a sacroiliac joint screening, and a hip and knee joint examination. We do this to be certain that the hip is seen as a segment within a larger system.

The hip can’t work by itself. It works in concert with your knee, your foot, your ankle, and more proximally with your sacroiliac (SI) joints, your other hip girdle, and your lower back (lumbar spine).

When people come to the clinic, they point to outside of their hip. They say, “I think I have hip joint arthritis.” Sometimes, their physician screens them briefly and sends them over with a diagnosis of hip pain. Consequently, we have the job of differentially figuring out what that hip pain is actually caused from.

Hip pain can truly be hip pain. It can be arthritic pain. Hip arthritis is typically characterized by pain in the groin and a lack of ability to flex your knee upward toward your head or bring your leg across the center of your body or turn it inward.

However, hip pain can also be referred to the hip from the lower back. Nerve root impingement or a discogenic pain can cause referred pain. People describe sciatic pain referring to their hip girdle. Although somewhat discounted recently, sacroiliac pain can also be a source of hip pain.

What is the sacroiliac joint?

hip pain sacroiliac joint

That is where our sacrum, the little triangular bone at the bottom of our spine, sits between our two ilia which is essentially both halves of our pelvis.

Hip pain is very debilitating. Remember, bipedal organisms walk on two feet. So if you have dysfunction in one hip, you may walk with a limp. You may have the inability to squat effectively, get in and out of a chair, in and out of the car, on and off of the toilet seat, etc. It can actually affect every single part of your life.

If you have hip pain, groin pain, buttock pain, lower back pain that wraps around the side of your hip, or you can’t lie down on one side or you notice significant difficulty walking up or down a flight of stairs, we encourage you to come to Balance Physical Therapy or visit your local physical therapist.

No matter where you choose to go, make sure you have a thorough screening examination. For hip pain, you must also screened at your lower back, your pelvic girdle, your knee, and perhaps your foot and ankle. Make certain that your entire movement system is being cared for so that your function can be optimized.

Personal Exercise Plan Co-Creation

At Balance Physical Therapy, we co-create your personal exercise plan based on your physical needs, whether you’re finishing therapy or you’re looking to make a change in your fitness.

A personal exercise plan is an important part of your overall efforts to make a healthy change to your life. It is important that you participate in the development of your plan so that you understand how to perform the exercise, and more importantly, why this exercise is important for you. There are a few reasons that this is an important aspect of your exercise goals.

Enjoy Your Personal Exercise Plan

Working on your own personal exercise plan is a great way to make sure that the exercises that you are doing are ones that you actually enjoy. Following along with a routine that has been decided for you is less likely to keep you coming back for more the following day than one that you have planned out on your own. Take some time to determine what kind of exercise you enjoy doing and create your own exercise routine. It is one way that you can be sure that some fun is included in your plan.

When you co-create your plan with the therapists and trainers at Balance Physical Therapy, you’ll receive guidance on proper technique and a selection of exercises that are functionally correct for your body, movement, and goals.

No one knows what you are capable of doing better than you. Your own personal exercise plan will accommodate any activities that you are physically incapable of doing. Our personal trainers can take these things into consideration when working on your exercise plan, but no one can do it better than you, so your participation and communication are critical to the process.

You can also vary your personal exercise plan and include a number of exercises that you would like to try. For instance, try a brisk walk one day, go swimming the next, and take a yoga class on a different day. It is completely up to you the kind of exercise that you include in your plan as long as you keep on moving.

Schedule Time To Exercise

You also know your schedule much better than any personal trainer can and you will know just how to accommodate the emergencies and changes that will inevitably come up. Make a contingency plan when you are scheduling your exercise for the week. It is always a good idea to plan for those days when things get in your way so that your whole week doesn’t get shot.

If scheduling time to exercise on your own is keeping you from staying active, be sure to join one of Balance Physical Therapy’s fitness classes.

Creating your own personal exercise plan is also a lot of fun. You can choose to try new things and experiment a bit with your exercise routine. You can take things off that you don’t enjoy and make sure that your exercise goes exactly the way that you want. Take some time to determine what you might like to try and include it in your exercise plan. What’s the worst that could happen?

It is very empowering to work on your own personal exercise plan. The sky’s the limit, and you can keep track of your improvements and accomplishments as you go along. Make it a little bit harder in a shorter period of time and you will see the improvements that your body is making with all of your hard work and effort.

You can look at your exercise plan as your own personal journey through the world of exercise and fitness.

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