What Makes Us Different

We’re often asked, “What makes you different?” and “What’s special about Balance Physical Therapy?” and “Why should I choose your practice?”


The answers to those questions is that we have a wide variety of specialty services that we offer that can’t be found anywhere else, but it also has to do with our core values. These values guide every decision we make, from how we treat our patients to how we interact with each other and create and maintain a fun, energetic environment that’s conducive to healing!


Our core values are STRONG — they are Balance S.T.RO.N.G., and are reflected in the following acronym:


Service to patients.

Team leadership.

Readiness to learn.

Outstanding initiative.

Notable positivity.

Guidance to others.


Looking at everything through the lens of STRONG CORE VALUES helps the professionals at Balance Physical Therapy stay dedicated to being the most patient-focused, result-oriented rehabilitation facility in Monterey County. Through the application of highly skilled manual therapy, prescribed therapeutic exercise, and patient education, they form a team with their patients and are committed to returning them to an active lifestyle.


The physical therapists at Balance Physical Therapy® and Human Performance Center are tops in their field! As a well-educated group of physical therapy doctors, they are committed to constant improvement in the areas of their clinical expertise, exercise interventions, advanced rehabilitation techniques, and the latest in research and science.


To maintain the highest standards of professional excellence, they all frequently attend continuing education courses, serve as mentors and clinical instructors for graduate students, and speak on a variety of topics within the local community. The physical therapists at Balance understand that your physical ability affects every single part of your life. They are experts at optimizing human movement so they can help you maximize the human experience!


Although they use a variety of tools and techniques as well as highly advanced exercise equipment, the professionals at Balance have separated themselves from the pack by offering services that no other clinic can.


For example, their clinics offer the incredible Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmills to help speed up recovery. They also have highly trained and certified vestibular experts on their clinical team who can cure your vertigo and screen you for and treat a wide range of ailments that may be making you dizzy. Their Doctors of Physical Therapy have extensive experience and many specialist certifications that help ensure your manual therapy, or “hands-on” care is the best you can find. They also specialize is areas such as custom foot orthotics, lymphedema treatments and women’s health issues.


Manual medicine is as much an art as it is a science, and therapists at Balance can and do use combinations of stretching, traction, joint and soft mobilization, massage, manipulation (aka: adjustments), cupping, Graston techniques, and much more.


So, with a wide variety of specialty services, a dedicated, experienced and professional team of physical therapists, and especially our S.T.RO.N.G. core values, Balance Physical Therapy is different, special and unique and at the top of its game.