About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Balance Physical Therapy® & Human Performance Center is dedicated to being the most patient-focused, result-oriented rehabilitation facility in Monterey County. Through the application of highly skilled manual therapy, prescribed therapeutic exercise, and patient education, we form a team with our patients and are committed to returning them to an active lifestyle.

We work with you to heal your WHOLE self, not just your physical injury.

The physical therapists at Balance Physical Therapy® & Human Performance Center are tops in our field! As a well-educated group of physical therapy doctors, we are committed to constant improvement in the areas of our clinical expertise, exercise interventions, advanced rehabilitation techniques, and the latest in research and science.

To maintain the highest standards of professional excellence, all of our physical therapists frequently attend continuing education courses, serve as mentors and clinical instructors for graduate students, and speak on a variety of topics within the local community.

In addition, we hold monthly clinical practicums to share peer reviewed journal articles and to go over manual therapy techniques that benefit our current patient caseload. All of our therapists are educated at the Doctorate level, and many of us have pursued even more education in the form of Board Certification in Orthopedics, Manual Therapy Certification, and Certification as Strength and Conditioning Specialists, etc.

Our Patient-First Environment includes our Balance S.T.R.O.N.G. core values:


ervice to patients


eam leadership


eadiness to learn


utstanding initiative


otable positivity


uidance to others