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A physical therapy aide job is a great step in a healing career. At Balance Physical Therapy® and Human Performance Center, Inc., physical therapy aides are an integral part of our team. They help to bridge the gap between therapists and patients in the areas of exercise instruction/supervision, modality application, and patient flow in the clinic.

A physical therapy aide is expected to be able to multitask in the areas of patient supervision/instruction, schedule-keeping (insofar as keeping a patient on task is concerned), clinic cleaning (tables, stools, equipment, etc.), laundry washing and folding, and alerting the therapists to reported changes in the patient’s condition. In addition, helping to maintain clinic inventory by alerting management to supply needs is of utmost importance. Although most of our aides are people interested in eventually going to graduate school to become physical therapists, some are already Certified Athletic Trainers, Certified Personal Trainers, Certified Massage Practitioners, and some hold Master’s Degrees in Exercise Science and other areas.Formal education as noted above is NOT required to become a physical therapy aide, but if you have a passion for helping people, want to learn a lot about human anatomy, manual therapy, and exercise intervention, then our clinics are the place for you!

Our physical therapy aides are indispensable to us; however, it needs to be made clear that we are a highly professional organization, and under no circumstances does an aide ever progress a patient, treat a patient with manual therapy techniques, or otherwise touch a patient except for instructional purposes as it relates to exercise. All patient progression in our clinics is performed only by licensed doctors of physical therapy, or with their exclusive direction and permission.

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