The world doesn't need another physical therapy company. What the world certainly does need, however, is a very different physical therapy company -- one that is focused on changing how we think about our business. We are an outpatient physical therapy company that believes that our most valuable product is service. To you. Our patient. We are in the value-creation business, and our purpose is to create whatever value we must so that our patients can achieve their goals. Our purpose and our passion are aligned around your goals, and we believe that for a company like ours to be successful in the long run, we must be committed to you. Every. Single. Day.

Our unwavering commitment to you, our patient, is driven by our company's core truths. These are the driving forces behind our why. They are why our company exists, why we relentlessly pursue excellence in all things, and why we will never settle for less than the best possible functional outcomes for your recovery. Our core truths are beliefs that help us sustain a ruthless commitment to your results and unwavering dedication to you and your clinical outcomes. I look forward to welcoming you to our clinic family with a smile and a hearty "Hello!", and I invite you to learn more about our core truths here.


    At Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance Center, our ruthless commitment to your results is fueled by a passionate dedication to doing the hard work. The work that always bears the most fruit for you, our patient. Lots of people talk about commitment, but at our company, commitment means doing whatever is required to help you achieve your goals. We will do whatever is required of us to help you discover the best results possible for you. Commitment moves mountains, and it moves us. Period.


    Dedication is our method. Day in and day out, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year, we are here to do the work. The hard work. We are here to partner with you on your journey toward more functional independence so you can live the most active, pain-free life possible.


    Results matter. And although they're different for everyone, in the end, they're what you want most. We understand this, and it's exactly why we believe that once you become a member of our clinic family, we will be a part of your life forever. We are here to listen, guide, teach, train, motivate, and empower you to be your best you!

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Welcome to
Balance Physical Therapy & Human Performance Center

Balance Physical Therapy® & Human Performance Center is dedicated to being the most patient-focused, result-oriented rehabilitation facility in Monterey County. Through the application of highly skilled manual therapy, prescribed therapeutic exercise, and patient education, we form a team with our patients and are committed to returning them to an active lifestyle.

The physical therapists at Balance Physical Therapy® & Human Performance Center are tops in their field! As a well-educated group of physical therapy doctors, they are committed to constant improvement in the areas of their clinical expertise, exercise interventions, advanced rehabilitation techniques, and the latest in research and science.

To maintain the highest standards of professional excellence, all of our physical therapists frequently attend continuing education courses, serve as mentors and clinical instructors for graduate students, and speak on a variety of topics within the local community.

Physical Therapy Monterey CA


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It's National Physical Therapy Month and we are proud to have a fabulous PT Team!
  • Meet Miguel Vargas, DPT

    Undergrad Degree: San Francisco State University
    PT School: Fresno State University

  • Meet Sara Long, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: San Diego State University
    Graduate Degree: Pacific University Oregon

  • Meet Kurt Munoz, Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Meet Nickolas Gonzales, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: University of Pikeville
    Graduate Degree: Washington University in St. Louis

  • Meet Tyler Clements, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: Virginia Tech
    Graduate Degree: University of St. Augustine

  • Meet Andy Baker, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree:Boston University
    Graduate Degree: University of Pittsburgh

  • Meet Marc Lopez, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: San Francisco State University
    Graduate Degree: Samuel Merritt University

  • Meet Joey Melo, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: University of Santa Clara
    Graduate Degree: University of California

  • Meet Byanca Madrigal, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: La Sierra University
    Graduate Degree: Loma Linda

  • Meet Renee Cunkle, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: University of Florida
    Graduate Degree: Northwestern University

  • Meet Devesh Digwal, Physical Therapy

    Undergrad: Texas Tech University
    Graduate Degree: AmarJyoti Institute of Physical Therapy

  • Meet Alexis Reinbolt, Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Undergrad Degree: California State University Monterey Bay
    PT School: Duke University

Miguel Vargas, DPT
Sara Long, DPT
Kurt Munoz, DPT
Nickolas Gonzales, DPT
Tyler Clements, DPT
Andy Baker, DPT
Marc Lopez, DPT
Joey Melo, DPT
Byanca Madrigal, DPT
Renee Cunkle, DPT
Devesh Digwal, DPT
Alexis Reinbolt, DPT

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