We accept nearly all PPO insurance plans, Medicare Part B, Workers’ Compensation, and MedPay on Auto Policies. We do not accept leins. Please call our main office at (831) 422-4782 to confirm and verify your benefits.

If you plan to self-pay for your physical therapy visits, our fee for a comprehensive, one-hour evaluation is $150. Treatment will almost always be initiated the day of the evaluation, and each follow-up visit is charged at a rate of $125 per visit. Patients are asked to pay for their portion of treatment in full prior to the start of each visit.

The State of California allows limited direct access to physical therapy services, which means that we can evaluate and treat patients without a physician’s prescription. To do so however, requires each patient to pay in full for our services, as we can not effectively bill an insurance company without a physician’s prescription. We prefer to work with physicians, as they are a necessary and integral part of the treatment and recovery process. The physician’s evaluation provides valuable information that can help our staff establish an appropriate treatment course.

**Please note that each patient’s health insurance company is billed as a courtesy. Our office will call your insurance company as a courtesy and inform you of your benefits prior to the start of your first office visit.

For billing questions, call Emily or Maria at (831) 422-4782.