Meet Renee

Meet Renee

Renee Cunkle

Dr. Renee Cunkle, is a native Floridian who moved to California in May 2018.


Doctor of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Renee Cunkle, is a native Floridian who moved to California in May 2018. She graduated from The University of Florida in Gainesville, FL with a degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology and earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.

Renee was drawn to the profession due to the strong patient-clinician relationship that is built through the treatment process and movement being the focus of the treatment. She carefully listens to identify the needs of each patient and focuses treatment on function to help them return to their most important activities, such as getting on and off the floor to play with their grandchildren. Her treatment interests include balance/gait training and treating women and men with pelvic health conditions, such as incontinence and pelvic pain. Renee believes physical therapy is unique to other health care professions as it is a team approach; she educates her patients so that they can take ownership of their healthcare and work with her to achieve the desired outcome.

In Renee’s spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga, hiking/spending time outdoors, and playing with her Great Pyrenees Mix puppy, Monty.

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Renee Cunkle, DPT

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Therapists Care

Renee and Lucy and Audra always ask how I am doing and am I improving or not. They don't start therapy until they know what does or does not ail me.


Balance Physical Therapy is Excellent

Back in January of this year I went to Balance Physical Therapy because I was having shoulder issues. I was so lucky to have Renee to work with me on my issue. Ended up I had to have surgery, because of bone spurs. I knew where I was going to go for therapy after shoulder surgery. I am very happy!!!


Developing an ongoing plan

I am pleased with the progress on learning an exercise regimen which will strengthen my core muscles so that lower back pains will decrease. I note progress in the exercises that Renee has recommended. I recommend her wholeheartedly.


Renee is very patient and through with my treatment.

Having Renee as my Physical Therapist has been a great experiences. She has helped to regain the full use of my leg by giving me the time and exercises to accomplish this. Sig


My experience at balance physical therapy

All my visits so far are very good. Renee is excellent. She works hard and passionately. Very caring and professional. The staff is very good too. Everything going really good so far.


Knowledgeable, professional and personable

I had a wonderful experience with dr.renee.i appreciate her expertise and knowledge plus I feel better after I leave. I can recommend her without reservation.


Helpful, experienced, encouraging

Renée is an excellent listener, creative, kind, encouraging. Knows her stuff & good at explanations.


PT before and after hip surgery

I am making good progress with excellent therapy. I feel that hands-on therapy has helped me immensely and I never feel rushed or overlooked. Great group!


Learning exercises that improves my balance.

My visit is very well organized by Renee and she moves me from one exercise to the other,.always demonstrating and explaining the expected benefit. All the exercises can be practiced at home. I feel like my balance is improving and hope to bring it back to normal.


How to Get You Life Back, Literally!

I have been to numerous PT facilities before and after multiple surgeries. I was giving up hope of getting my life back to normal as possible. I am so over joyed that Renee is my therapist. Right away, on my first visit, she actually listened to me, by the end of the session, I felt myself healing!


Everyone very friendly, no waiting.

Sessions were educational, I learned to do many therapy exercises to take home. Met owner, was impressed with his acute professionalism.


Very Happy

Renee Cunkle is a wonderful Physical Therapist. I feel good after every session! I highly recommend Renee.


Renee Cunkle- A superior, effective, creative, sensitive PT!

Always friendly, professional, well-prepared, thorough, creative, and effective; evokes trust, inspires confidence, challenges and encourages, and, at the same time, is realistic and accepting. I look forward to P.T. with Renee, every time.


Very helpful and supportive.

I assume this is for November, December.


Tailored treatment

Renee is fabulous. I have scoliosis and wanted tailored exercises for MY body. She took her time during examinations, talking to me, listening, and definitely tailoring my treatment. I am currently meeting my goal of 3 solid months of using the equipment to built my strength. Renee is the best.


My PT visit with Renee

I am very impressed with Renee’s professionalism and her curiosity to research different aspects of my condition to facilitate a positive outcome. I have been to three physical therapist over the years and I think she’s definitely one of the best !!


PT Visit to Resolve Chronic Hip/Pelvic Aches & Pains

Rene listens carefully to my explanations of what I am feeling. She then works hard to give me manual therapy as well as exercises to help me resolve it.


A happy Balance Physical Therapy patient

I have been going to Balance Physical Therapy for two weeks,the exercises that Renee Cunkle has chosen for my muscle tear injury are a bit challenging but perfect. I have been feeling less pain and ache. After dealing with this injury for a few months now I finally feel like I am getting better.