Meet Andrew

Meet Andrew

Andrew Baker

Andrew has a passion for improving patient’s function through g5-border-small g5-border-primary hands on treatments, exercise tailored to each patient’s individual needs, and education to empower them as active participants in their care. Come see Andrew.


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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Dr. Andrew Baker graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and worked as a Research Engineer for a medical device company to develop surgical products for patients with spine fractures. His interest in the human body’s mechanics and desire to connect more directly with patients inspired him to change course in his career and pursue his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Andrew has a passion for improving patient’s function through hands on treatments, exercise tailored to each patient’s individual needs, and education to empower them as active participants in their care. Andrew remains committed to continual learning and adherence to evidence informed practice to provide the highest standard of care for all of his patients.

Outside of the clinic Andrew enjoys hiking, running, camping, golfing and relaxing with his family. As a part of the Balance Physical Therapy team, Dr. Baker hopes to make you feel confident in your power to achieve your rehabilitation goals and experience life to the fullest.

“I will request your facility again if I’m ever in need of physical therapy services in the future. I will also recommend friends and family members. Good location, nice facility, A+!” – Jordan

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  • Andy Baker, DPT

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    So much pain - so much caring

    I had my doubts due to the pain I was experiencing . With experience - patience - caring - work ethic - listening skills - time have all have helped me get through this confusing painful experience .


    Neck in a bind!

    When my primary care physician realized that my shoulder and back muscles were like iron and giving me grief, she recommended physical therapy! The first visit was perfect! My PT identified my troubles right on! It was a gentle examination and treatment with success! I left soooo happy!


    Slowly improving

    Makes sure that the treatments are geared to improving my problem and the pain that I'm having is being addressed. Improvement is slow but steady.


    Doing better.

    Very concerned and attentive that I receive treatments that will improve my problem. So far it is slowly improving.


    Degenerative Discs

    I have degenerative discs in my neck down to the T1 causing pain in the shoulders, arms and tingling in the fingers. So far my viisits have been very productive with the pain management treatment and I can see a difference from when I first came in for therapy.



    It is been helping me a lot since the first visit, I notice that I have more movement in my showlder and I can lift my arm more easily. Thanks Andy


    Results based on progress to date with 7 sessions remaining.

    Treatment Treatment under Andy has been spot on, geared to my particular needs. I have extended my number of sessions. T


    I got the results i wanted!

    Andy put a lot of thought into my treatment. He gave me tools and an exercise regiment to get me strong and keep me strong. I won't hesitate to go back to him if needed.

    Michael Bassetti

    Spreading my hips

    I was a very athletic 60-year-old man when a golf injury — yes, stretched muscle led to years of awkward walking, osteoarthritis and hip deterioration. Full left hip replacement helped, but I was bogo candidate. Andy baker and bpt is helping me regain movement — stretching, exercises and support.


    Job well done

    Visit was very beneficial for my health related concerns

    Kenneth H

    Gettin it Done !!

    Dr. Andrew Does a great job. He works You hard and gets great Results. I had my hip replaced a month and half ago and with his help I’ll be Golfing in no time..

    Robert Cromeenes

    Helpful not painful

    Andy is very thorough and knowledgeable. I enjoy working with him.

    Linda Nichols

    Few sessions at Balance

    I value the professionalism treatment I have record from Andrew at Balance. He is a competent and caring professional. I look forward to continuing treatment with him.

    Bill Deasy

    Great treatment plan.

    Dr. Andrew Baker was very professional and took time to get the background and timeline on how I hurt my shoulder. He assessed my range of motion and showed me several exercises to do. He also took time to answer all of my questions.

    Jonathan L

    Pleasant Recovery

    Andrew is a very skilled physical therapist and very intuitive in his treatments. I want to think him and the rest of the staff for being apart of my recovery.

    Jamilia Turpin

    J R review

    Dr Baker was very understanding and supportive. He was very encouraging and started me on some basic exercises to resolve pain in right hip and lower back.


    Knowledgeable and helpful

    I would recommend my physical therapist. A good balance between pushing you towards goals and understanding of how each patient is unique.



    Andy is very friendly along with the entire employees. Perfect place to go


    Healthy therapy!

    Andy is the epitome of an excellent physical therapist. He is gentle but firm, knowledgeable and informative, extremely well educated and trained, and very personable. Andy literally exhibits kindness and concern for the patients well being. Going to therapy was always a pleasure and productive



    I appreciate how Andrew attended to my main needs on every visit.


    Better than I thought it wold be

    It has been great working with Andy! He is very competent, gentle, helpful and genuinely very caring. I find everyone working there is so nice and friendly!


    Andrew was very good working with Bret, encouraging & Kind.

    Andrew did a nice job with Bret and Bret would like to continue therapy. Please let me know if the request to continue treatment has been submitted. Bret still is in need of better flexibility and needs to learn how to safely squat to do some of his chores. Please contact me at [email protected]