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We could talk for hours about how great we are but we'd rather show you what our patients think of Balance Physical Therapy

Competently competent! I have been to several PTs for my issue. None took the time to really evaluate and come up with ideas that actually made a difference. We are still working the issue, but I have felt so cared for. John takes an interest to make sure that the patient is getting the right care they need. Happy!! 5/5 stars Thursday, 06 October 2016 18:05:23

Janis S.

“My therapist was excellent! We appreciated all of the time and effort she put in. We felt that she truly cared about our daughter and her well-being. We were very pleased with everything at Balance Physical Therapy and would recommend your clinic to anyone.”


“Robert’s care has been exceptional. We feel his progress is so impressive because of John and his professional team. We owe Balance Physical Therapy so much for helping Robert get back on a track to where he was pre-injury. We trust John and his team so much that we defer to him for decisions about what Robert may or may not be able to do at certain points following his back surgery. Thank you so much.”


“I will request your facility again if I’m ever in need of physical therapy services in the future. I will also recommend friends and family members. Good location, nice facility, A+!”


“My therapist was the greatest! She was friendly, warm and helpful. All of the staff was very great as well. The whole experience was fantastic and the atmosphere was always positive, encouraging and energetic. Thank you all so much for your help and encouragement. My visits were one of a kind.”


“John was always very helpful and knowledgeable with my condition. He provided me with both insight and advice to help ease the pain of my lifelong condition. The aids are always very personable and compassionate, and everyone I came into contact with always had a smile in your office.”


“John is the greatest! Takes time to thoroughly explain everything, seems to really care about his patients and their well-being. Definitely goes out of his way to accommodate his patients. Thank you!”


“Wonderful people, warm, friendly and professional personality all around. Thank you!”


“I enjoyed coming to physical therapy. The aids are very friendly and very easy to get along with. It is nice to be able to joke around a little bit and have a good time while getting through a difficult injury/recovery. Overall, an A+.”


“My therapist was wonderful! I would recommend Balance to anyone. Good job. Keep up the good work!”


“Thanks for teaching me the awareness and appropriate postures for my stretching and exercises before I begin my daily activities. My therapist was a great guy, a wonderful motivator, and a very patient man.”


“Your people are great! I like the new look of the clinic, and can’t wait to see the inside when it’s all done.”


“Overall, a great experience from the friendly and professional staff at Balance. I learned a lot of exercises that I continue to use in my workouts at home. My therapist was awesome, and was very thorough at explaining and helping me with my stretches and exercises. Keep up the great work!”


“I hate to say it, but I almost wish I could hurt myself again just so that I could come back and see all of you guys! Thanks so much for the excellent work you did on my shoulder. All of your staff is always very helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. I love how your staff takes the time to talk and get to know their patients. Keep up the good work, and hopefully I won’t see you too soon again. All my best!”


“I loved the one-on-one contact with my physical therapist and the trainers. Everyone was supportive, encouraging, and made each visit a home away from home. I know I have to keep up with my exercises to stay healthy because Lee, my physical therapist and I, have worked really hard together. I hope to continue to go to the clinic and use the Fit Plan so that I can maintain my new health status. Thank you all so much.”


“My physical therapist is excellent! The whole office is very friendly and helpful. Balance Physical Therapy is absolutely outstanding. Thank you very much for your great, attentive service.”


“My experience was great. My therapist helped at first, and then I injured my shoulder again during the time that I was being treated for my original injury. After this, my therapist reevaluated me and sent me back to my doctor, only to discover that I needed surgical intervention for my shoulder. Luckily, my therapist at Balance was on it, and referred me back to my doctor so that I could get back on track. Bravo!”


“Once again, you have helped me immensely, John. You are a great motivator and have great communication skills, as well. The new clinic facility is beautiful, and your staff is very attentive and down to earth. Hopefully, you will only see me now as a Fit Plan participant and not as a patient, ha ha!”


“I received excellent care at Balance Physical Therapy. John’s attention to detail and level of expertise and concern for my condition and well-being were absolutely the best that I have ever received. I would fully recommend this clinic to anyone who is interested in physical therapy service.”


All of the staff was fantastic! The care I received was impeccable. Great place! I also love the availability of the Fit Plan for continued support after my discharge.”


“Top notch care, knowledgeable and goal-oriented physical therapists, patient, kind, nurturing, gentle, comforting environment. I can’t say enough about Balance Physical Therapy. The rehabilitation process is arduous, but the commitment and quality aspect of the staff gave me confidence and focus. My physical therapist worked in concert with my surgeon, and I am so appreciative of the result of their skill and expertise. For me, Balance is the ultimate in physical therapy and rehabilitation service.”


“My therapist was always positive and encouraging. She made me feel comfortable always. She pushed me, and I appreciate that because I feel I was able to recover from my fall quicker. I would definitely refer somebody to Balance Physical Therapy for any injury or surgical condition. I have to say that all of the trainers I worked with were also incredibly knowledgeable and extremely courteous, and they also seemed to care. I really appreciate the overall experience and I appreciate that I am back to all of my physical activities without limitation. Thank you all so much and keep up the great work.”


“My physical therapist was great. I was able to enjoy my vacation because my pain was minimized. I still have a little bit of pain, but I can’t believe that physical therapy can help any more than it already has. I feel much better. I plan to return to my doctor for additional tests because my therapist explained that something beyond the scope of their practice could potentially be wrong with my back. My therapist was fantastic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging. I appreciate him communicating closely with my doctor and keeping him up to date on my current condition.”


“Great program! No more back pain. Enough said.”


“Care provider was excellent, staff was not only courteous and polite, but very friendly as well. Thank you for the care and explanations provided.”


“My therapist was wonderful. She laughed at my jokes, answered my questions, kept me up to date on my condition and on explaining things clearly. Hands down, the best care in town. Everybody was so helpful and all of the trainers helped me along each and every day. I would recommend your operation to anybody.”


“Keep up the good work and thank you so much! The physical therapy I received is working and I am feeling better and better every day.”


“My therapist was great. She’s sweet, smiles a lot, and is very professional. The aids had awesome personalities and overall, your staff goes above and beyond every day. Thank you so much!”


“A most enjoyable experience! You guys are all great and have a very nice facility. I like the idea of the post treatment fitness plan to continue with exercise and ongoing support. Thank you.”


“Thank you for the excellent care I was given. I would definitely recommend your facility, and I also will be again in the future if I have a need.”


“Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Good job!”


“Everyone is so friendly and supportive. My therapist is fantastic and she helped make my recovery quicker. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.”


“You have a great staff that operates a very pleasant and clean facility. I thoroughly enjoyed my therapy experience. Thank you!”


“Very pleasant atmosphere, physical therapy that is helpful and effective. Great therapists and fantastic staff.”


“John is the best therapist I’ve ever had, and I have seen dozens! Thanks buddy.”


“I had a really positive experience and my shoulder is totally functional again, without pain! I really enjoyed my therapist and all of the rest of the staff.”


“I have received the best physical therapy at your facility that I could possibly receive anywhere. I am so grateful for all of the personnel, and I am doing so much better since my physical therapy. Thank you so much for all of your help. I will always be recommending Balance PT to everyone! In fact, my mom will be coming there soon for her back pain.”


“No matter what time I went in for my therapy, the staff was just beautiful. They made me feel like I was a part of their family, special.”


“I was very pleased with everything. The staff was great, the trainers and aids were great, and my therapist explained everything to me clearly, concisely and in a way that made sense to a non-medical professional. Thanks very much.”


“Very pleased with the professionalism from my therapist and staff members. All of my questions were answered and I am grateful for the follow-up at home instructions. I still use them.”


“Wonderful experience, great staff, and lovely facility. Thanks – keep it up!”


“Everyone was kind, gentle, courteous and professional. I love this place!”


“I want to thank you all at Balance Physical Therapy for my progress. Your staff was great in handling my injury. The staff knew what needed to be done with exercise and with hands-on therapy, and I am on my way to a full recovery. Thank you all again so much.”


“Thank you so much for helping in relieving my pain. The exercises are working well at home and I plan to continue to do them. In addition, I plan to return to your office with any problems that may or may not come up in the future.”


“Everyone was exceedingly professional and courteous. The facility was meticulously kept clean and the equipment was new and updated. Everyone is fantastic. Bravo!”


“My therapist and all of the other personnel were excellent! This was my first experience with physical therapy, and it was a great experience. Thank you for providing an outstanding facility and a terrific staff.”


“I’m not sure I can say how wonderful my treatment was, I am so very grateful for how my therapist and all of the staff helped me through a very difficult time. You are all a very positive group and so caring, that my whole experience was awesome! You did such a great job that I didn’t want to stop coming, and I was in fact able to return after seeing my doctor. I know that with all I did in the clinic and at home, as well as the equipment that was issued to me, I am 90% better six months after major back surgery. I will never forget how Balance Physical Therapy changed a lot in my life, so thank you very much! I have already recommended two friends to you… awesome job, thanks again!”


“Everyone is very friendly and helpful at BPT. You have a very nice environment, an excellent location and convenient parking. Thank you.”


“Top notch care! This is my second round First, I was in for my lower back and now I’m in for my ankle. I can’t say enough about the professionalism, friendliness and effectiveness of your care. Many thanks!”


“My therapist was very knowledgeable about my condition. What she didn’t know, she researched and let me know about it later. She was always very pleasant and courteous, and I was always able to schedule appointments when I had other issues come up. I appreciate all of the flexibility that you allow.”


“Exceptional staff that was very happy and full of positive energy that is contagious. We all appreciate it. John is a great role model and his staff truly enjoy what they do. It is reflected in their work ethic, their smiles, their upbeat, lively personalities and the result that we get here in this office. I love the ability to continue to work out after my rehabilitation is through and I tell everybody about this opportunity, as well. The entire staff appreciates and enjoys their patients and makes us feel valued and wanting to come back.”


“John, thanks for the excellent service you and your staff continue to provide year after year. Keep up the good work!”


“Balance Physical Therapy is a very well-organized, well-run medical facility. All of the staff is knowledgeable, upbeat and positive. This is the second time they have saved me from neck surgery.”


“I can’t say enough good things about John Farahmand and Balance Physical Therapy! John and his staff are very friendly and professional. He explained things to me in a way that was easy to understand and I feel that I know my body so much better now, as a result of my physical therapy. As both a teaching and competitive tennis pro, my body experiences a lot of wear and tear. John has helped me maintain a level of health necessary to continue participating in this sport which I have played for over 40 years. Thank you, John!”


“Outstanding service! Outstanding care! Keep it up! I’ll always come back.”


“John and the staff at BPT are wonderful and the facility is outstanding. This is my second opportunity to use your facility, and I am thoroughly impressed once again. Your trainers are all very pleasant and all staff appear to enjoy what they do. My special thanks to John for taking time, patience and detailed explantations that helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. Thank you all so much.”


“All of the staff at BPT were extremely pleasant, upbeat and positive. I cannot wait to get back there for therapy after my upcoming hip surgery.”


“My experience was outstanding. My therapist was knowledgeable, skillful, kind, a good communicator; the consummate professional! The background music in the facility is fun, enjoyable and the volume is ideal to help keep us motivated. It is much appreciated.”


“My therapist was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and patient. Your clinic is awesome, and you have a very professional and pleasant staff. Everyone should experience what you provide. I was very pleased.”


“Everyone I worked with was wonderful, very professional, caring and prompt. My therapist was great, as were all of the aids!”


“All of the folks at BPT were very nice and helpful. My therapist was fantastic and delightful in every way. The other trainers who worked with me were also very attentive and pleasant and were always there to lend a hand when I needed direction or correction while performing my exercises. I always looked forward to my visits and I have already highly recommended BPT to my others.”


“Dear Balance Physical Therapy and Staff: Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided. You truly embody your slogan: ‘your recovery is our passion!’ The quality of the care you provided was outstanding. All of you have been friendly and courteous. What an impressive team! Keep up the good work! I am recommending you to everyone I meet that needs physical therapy. I am currently participating in the Fit Plan and find it to be a wonderful and inexpensive way to complete my recovery on my own.”


“My therapist was excellent in all respects. The trainers were very attentive with the planning and demonstration and instruction of exercises. Although it was not my physician who originally referred me to your office, I have since recommended your facility to him.”


“Feeling much improved. Need more be said? Thank you.”


“I was very satisfied with the environment, the facility, the treatment and especially, all of the staff! I will and have recommended your organization to other family members, friends and acquaintances.”


“My experience at BPT was one that would lead me to use your facility again if a problem should ever arise. You’re all wonderful!”


“I was equally impressed and satisfied with the treatments I received and the way that I was treated in your office.”


“Even though the time is arduous and often painful, I enjoyed my visits to Balance Physical Therapy and my continued exercises at home and in your ongoing Fitness Plan.”


“I was so impressed by the cordial greeting that I received while walking into your office at the front desk when I signed in, and I was even more impressed by the fact that it was repeated each and every time I came back to your office. The attitude helps. The aids are always helpful, and my therapist gave me such outstanding service, knowledge and results, that I would never choose anyplace else. Thank you all so very much!”


“I believe I received excellent care at your facility. I enjoyed all of my sessions and I would choose your facility again and again if I ever need it in the future.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help, for your great attitudes, for your unwavering patience, and for my knee. It feels great and I’m getting stronger and stronger. All my best.”


“Everyone at Balance Physical Therapy was very friendly and helpful. Each visit I felt stronger than the last.”


“This has helped me more than anything I’ve ever done!”


“A pleasant and educational interlude. My therapist and the trainer made it an experience, not a trial.”


“This is my second time to receive services here at your center. I thoroughly benefitted from the sessions with my therapist. She is an excellent physical therapist. She explained and demonstrated very well how I should do my exercises there in your clinic, and at home. The best part about my treatment was that I lost two pounds and one inch from my waistline! I would recommend your center to anyone who needs physical therapy services. Thank you!”


“Excellent service – everything was explained as we proceeded. My vertigo was fixed on my first visit and although my dizziness took a little while to subside, each visit made a tremendous difference. I appreciate being able to use the facility for continued exercise and maintenance after my therapy. A friendly, helpful crew. A+.”


“Everyone was outstanding. I can’t believe that such simple activities can bring about so much relief. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”


“I recommend your business to everyone! Need I say more?”


“My therapist made a great difference in my recovery. The aids were wonderful, assisting and keeping me on track with all of my exercises, both pointing things out that weren’t being done quite right, as well as giving me encouragement when I was performing thing well. Both were very kind to an ‘old lady.’ Thank you for providing such a great convenient place for my therapy and thanks for all of the encouragement while I recovered.”


“My therapist’s hands-on work did wonders for my knee and the friendly disposition from my therapist and the entire staff didn’t hurt either. These were both very helpful in the recovery process and I can’t say enough good things about your office.”


“My back improved a lot and I am not in any pain. I do my exercises at home that I was instructed to do and that helped a lot. I had a very great experience and thank you all so much.”


“My therapist was highly professional and very competent. Thank you so much for all of your excellent care.”


“My therapist has always continued to show her concern while I continue my personal fitness program, so thanks very much.”


“My therapist, as well as the entire staff, showed a caring concern for my therapy. They are truly a dedicated team of professionals. I commend them all.”


“The experience and expertise at your facility has been beneficial and delightful. I will return for the Fit Plan after the first of the year.”


“The overall attention to care was very well done. Everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful, and willing to answer my questions. To be greeted with a welcoming smile and having the feeling of recognition is very important to one going into an unfamiliar situation, and greatly appreciated by your office. I intend to continue with individual sessions and feel confident that I will be pleased with the same kindness and help when I need it. Thank you.”


“John and his staff are the teachers regarding how to run an excellent professional business from top to bottom. The service of the patients is the best and the people skills are equal. The new clinic is beautiful and the parking is excellent. Thank you. Best wishes always!”


“I had very caring treatment, and I know I received very kind and knowledgeable care that was evident in my results. I was given thorough explanations, caring, gentle treatment, and I would recommend the services from Balance Physical Therapy to my family and friends.”


“Thank you all very much for your excellent professional care and your patience while teaching me.”


“I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. You have a very professional environment from top to bottom, and I enjoy it each and every time I am there.”


“I love your Fit Program so that I can continue to stay healthy after my discharge. Your trainers have been great in pointing out any exercises that I am doing incorrectly and I appreciate the ongoing care and support. Thank you!”


“I have been very satisfied with the results and the fact that John takes a great interest in my care and well-being. He’s the best!”


“The service I was provided with was first class all the way. Everyone was courteous at all times. I was given the information and they helped me in a very professional way. This facility is one of a kind… clean, up to date equipment, and premises that are very attractive and obviously well cared for.”


“My therapist was outstanding in all respects. She designed a therapy program that was the right one for me, and she skillfully guided me through it to a successful outcome.”


“The service and treatment was excellent. If I ever needed future treatment for anything, I would undoubtedly use your facility.”


“Outstanding experience, great staff, friendly and knowledgeable and very professional. My therapist was a pleasure. I ‘almost’ looked forward to the pain from my stretches. The staff is so professional and so pleasant and encouraging, that despite sometimes arduous sessions, I always looked forward to them. Obviously, I have nothing but great things to say about Balance PT. Thank you!”


“My therapist and trainers were fantastic. They were all great. I can’t say any more, other than you are a great bunch of people, having a lot of fun at taking care of others. Thank you for everything you did.”


“My therapist was very nice. If I asked a question, she always answered it in a professional way. She and her assistants watched and helped me getting on and off of the equipment at all times. They were all very pleasant, caring and jovial. I was given printed pictures, explaining each exercise before I left each of my therapy sessions and these I was to work on at home. I would recommend Balance Physical Therapy for their interest at heart with whomever they worked with. Everything was pleasant and professional and time efficient. The receptionist was very efficient and pleasant, as well.”


“All of you were friendly, thoughtful, kind and fun to be around for those who are having therapy. Thank you for helping me with my knee. Thanks to you, no aches, no pains, and no cane!”


“I was very happy with my therapy. I feel great, and don’t have any more problems. I appreciate your genuine care, concern and top notch service.”


“I would rate you an A+ in all categories, and believe me, I know! I have been a patient at all of them, and your organization is tops!”


“I received great care in your facility and I am currently continuing my exercises in your supervised fitness plan program, and plan to continue with my needed exercises.”


“You are the best! My therapist was fantastic. He was on the correct track. I improved so very much under his care that for the first time, I had no sciatica in either leg. I was very weak on my initial visit and progressed to a point where I was both in less pain and feeling stronger. Thank you all so much for the great care and concern that you showed during my treatment.”


“The staff were always there to correct a procedure or exercise if they observed that I wasn’t doing it just so. They showed great interest in my therapy, my well-being and my progress. It was a great feeling that someone was interested in my care and truly concerned about how I was progressing. My whole experience at Balance Physical Therapy was a great and remarkable time.”


“Everything was done in an orderly and professional manner. I would return to this facility at any time, if the need arose.”


“I was pleased with the treatment I received and am impressed with all of your people performing the therapy. You were very professional and your facility is second to none. You make a person feel like he or she is a part of your extended family. I appreciate being on a first-name basis with everyone in your office, and I look forward to coming back each and every day.”


“I never had physical therapy before; the office staff and John were so kind, and John explained to me why and what therapy would do for my knees. My knees are feeling great. I am also continuing to do all of my exercises at home.”


“If I could underscore the word ‘excellent’ on your survey, I would do so!!!”


“My therapist is an exceptionally talented and caring individual. While attending treatments under his care and supervision, my mobility and strength greatly increased. Included in my treatments were printed instructions, which helped me continue my therapy at home. My therapist is a caring and friendly person, and often during his treatment was the comment, ‘We want our patients to leave feeling better.’ This feeling of friendliness and encouragement was exhibited by everyone at Balance Physical Therapy, each and every time I was in their office. I would highly recommend using their services.”


“My experience was quite positive. I liked it so well that my wife and I are now coming in on your ongoing fitness program and will continue to do so.”